City Ordinance

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The Equal Opportunities Ordinance of the City of New Haven, Chapter 12 ½ et seq., authorizes and empowers the New Haven Commission on Equal Opportunities to remedy discrimination complaints, and actively pursue and promote affirmative action and contract compliance within the City of New Haven. The Commission, in addition to its regulatory activities, provides educational, informational, and referral services to New Haven residents. To further these goals and objectives, the Equal Opportunities Ordinance is divided into five specific Articles.

Article I

Concerns the general regulatory power of the Commission on Equal Opportunities to deal with discrimination complaints within the City of New Haven. This Article empowers the Commission to prohibit and remedy unfair employment practices, to protect an individual's constitutional rights, privileges, and immunities, and to prohibit and remedy discrimination in all public accommodations, including housing.

Article II

Concerns hiring practices in the construction trades. This Article empowers the Commission to administer contract compliance and affirmative action areas pursuant to Section 12 ½, Article II of the New Haven Code of Ordinances. Under this authority, the Commission oversees affirmative action in city-related contracts. The Commission monitors city-related construction projects to determine utilization of minorities and women in the work force.

Article III

Concerns rent discrimination against families or single parent with children. This Article prohibits discrimination against families with minor children. It designates the Livable City Initiative as the City's Fair Housing Commission.

Article IV

Concerns contracts and procurement. It states that payment or reimbursement of employees, expenses, associated with the use of exclusionary private organization, is prohibited.

Article V

Concerns prohibiting discrimination against persons with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or and AIDS-related conditions.

The Complete Ordinance

Municode hosts the complete and latest version of all the City's ordinances. Go directly to the beginning of Chapter 12 ½. Start at Article II.

Municode provides useful links to the right of the headings. They include the ability to download any section or the entire ordinance as a Word document.