We are a division of the New Haven Police Department.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakened." -Anatole France

Our mission is to serve the community in the most effective manner. With safe humane treatments, members of this shelter are animal lovers who care for all creatures with love. This animal shelter has over sixty dog kennels, and thirty cat compartments. It is one of the largest municipal shelters in the State of Connecticut attracting over three thousand visitors annually. Yearly, there are over 900 intakes of dogs and cats, and approximately 1,000 investigations of animal related calls and concerns.

Through its partnership with the City of New Haven Humane Commission, The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, Inc., and The North Shore Animal League, sponsors several off-site adoption events throughout the year (in addition to year-round adoptions at the shelter).

The Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter, Inc.

We are a vital non-profit organization that provides numerous essential services in support of New Haven’s animal shelter community. In terms of promoting animal adoption, funds are raised to help cover the costs of sheltering animals, and providing animal socialization.

For more infromation and how to become a volunteer click this link >>Friends of the New Haven Animal Shelter