Summary of Fund

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I. Eligibility for Matching Funds and $20,000 Public Financing Grant

  • Establish campaign committee, meet requirements to appear on ballot, and run in a contested election
  • At any time before the 60th day before an election, the Mayoral candidate must submit a signed Candidate Contract and Affidavit to the Democracy Fund Board:
  • Agreement to campaign contribution and expenditure limitations.
  • Raise the threshold of qualifying contributions: contributions of between $10 and $390 from 200 distinct New Haven registered voters
  • Not be in default to the city of New Haven
  • Agree to participate in at least one public forum per election
  • Limit use of personal funds to no more than $20,000

III. Expenditure and Contribution Ceilings and Restrictions for Primary or General Election

Qualifying Requirements:

  • $390 - Maximum contribution from individuals (per cycle). Participating campaigns may not accept contributions from businesses or political action groups.
  • $5,000 - Minimum total contribution threshold
  • 200 - registered New Haven voters
  • Grants and matching funds will be given only after there are two campaign committees for Mayor which raise or spend more than $5,000 (this constitutes a “contested election” under the Ordinance definition).
  • Grant Amount: $20,000 (per cycle)
  • Matching Funds: 2-to-1 match on the first $30 contributed by registered New Haven voters (minimum $10).
  • Expenditure Cap: $390,000 (per cycle)

If a candidate not participating in matching funds program spends more than the expenditure ceiling of $390,000 (per cycle), then participating candidates who have reached 85% of the expenditure ceiling can either (1) have an additional $20,000 grant (per cycle), or (2) have their expenditure ceiling lifted. A candidate who chooses to have his or her expenditure limit lifted may raise contributions in excess of $390 from individuals and party committees, but must continue not to accept contributions from political committees and business entities, and will receive no additional matching funds after spending $390,000.