Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What do I own that is subject to taxes?

  • How is the tax rate established?

  • What is the best way to pay my tax bill?

  • What happens if I pay late?

  • Can the interest on my tax bill be waived?

  • What if I never receive a tax bill?'

  • If I am being improperly billed for a motor vehicle what should I do?

  • I recently replaced a vehicle, and still got a bill on the old vehicle.' Do I have to pay it?

  • I need to register my car. What do I need from the Tax Collector's Office?'

  • I have moved. What is my tax jurisdiction for motor vehicles?

  • What is a "supplemental" motor vehicle tax bill?'

  • My real estate bill is supposed to be paid by my mortgage company. What should I do?'

  • How is motor vehicle assessment determined?

  • What are the hours of the Tax Collector?

  • Could I be eligible for any exemptions?

  • Are there any breaks for senior citizens?

  • What period of time does a tax bill cover?

  • Do I need to save my receipts?

  • What if I think my assessment is too high?