The Board of Alders is the legislative body for the City of New Haven. All Alderpersons are members of the municipal council elected by voters. We create, pass and amend local laws as well as review and approve the City’s annual budget.

The Board of Alders meet the first and third Monday of every month in the aldermanic chambers, 165 Church Street, second floor, except for holidays. During the summer, we meet the first Monday of the month.

Please view our online Legistar Center to find the Agendas and Minutes of the Board of Alders and other meeting bodies. Links are provided to detailed information and history on each legislative item.

The Office of Legislative Services provides professional staff support to the Board of Alders, enabling us to fulfill our powers and duties as the City's legislative body.

Special Message from the Board of Alders: How We Function

Greetings and Welcome!

Your vote to elect us in to office means that it is an honor to serve you! We want to listen and hear your voice. Your interests are our interests. Our job to do all that we can as the New Haven Board of Alders to service your needs.

All are welcome to our meetings. We invite you to team with us to make our City Great!